Photo Essay: A collection of pictures on a single theme, arranged to convey a mood, deliver information, tell a story, in a way that one picture alone cannot. Selection and arrangement are all-important. A successful photo essay is always greater than the sum of its parts. It has a life of its own. It says more, has a greater impact than any single picture in it.

Great Photographic Essays from Life, commentary by Maitland Edey. Little, Brown and Company. 1978. Page 1.

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"If your pictures were not good enough, you were not close enough." Robert Capa

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Magnum Photos

The Magnum Photos web site has thousands of photographs from their photographers. You can spend hours, even days, here and not see it all. The site is designed to sell photos but there is still plently to see and study. You could learn much just by viewing great photography.

One such photographer worth studing is Robert Capa. The most recent book of his work is on view here. There is also a features section. Here you can view and study the latest work of the Magnum photographers.

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