No Place To Eat Near LACMA

There was only one location where we could get something to eat that was near LACMA and that was a small diner that specialized in hot dogs. Why are there so few good resturants near LACMA? Like none. This place has been closed for quite a while. Why?

Laguna Beach

This spot is just north of Main beach. The tide pools are just to the right. It was an overcast, wet, and windy day. This picture gives me the feeling that nothing good will happen here. In reality when people walk this spot they’re usually on there way to Rock Pile beach and rarely notice … [Read more…]

The Elevator To Nowhere

If you are a LA Times reader then you may have read the story in last thursday’s Guide edition of artist Barbara Kruger’s reaction to the art at the new Broad building. Ms Kruger is the artist that created the image you see behind the glass elevator that’s directly opposite the entrance to the Broad … [Read more…]

BP Grand Entrance

Does LACMA want to make this the center of the museum replacing the upper level piazza? I hope not. It makes a good entrance but we prefer the old and grander piazza, the LA Times Central Court, that joins the main buildings of the museum. The island state of Venice has it’s entrance at the … [Read more…]

The Ahmanson Is Open!

The big plus with the opening of the Broad Building was the reopening of the Ahmanson building in January. Why is the Ahmanson a building and the Broad a museum? Ego? You think? With the reopening of the Ahmanson the entire first floor is dedicated to modern art. Real art. Name an artist from the … [Read more…]

Mixed Feelings For LACMA Additions

The new Broad building is fine especially the upper floor with the mutted sky lights. The rooms are large and well lit. Even with large crowds moving about the rooms the art was still accessable. The problem is the art on the second floor. Except for the Cindy Sherman works, which fills one large room, … [Read more…]