Going To Visit The New LACMA Thursday

Visiting the new Broad building on Thursday, Valintine’s Day. Here’s what it looked like back in September ’07. I have some earlier ones but they’re on film and I just don’t feel like searching for them. Considering I get maybe two visitors a week I don’t think they’ll be missed. I’m not that interested in … [Read more…]

Does Yahoo Search Do Blogger Better Than Google?

I have been observing something interesting over the past few weeks. Yahoo does a better job of finding Blogger sites than Google search. The best way to show this is by example. We have a second blog on Blogger called Laguna Beat. This blog centers around Laguna Beach and observations of this photographer. Last December … [Read more…]

Insert Here

This was one of those temporary walls they set up at construction sites. The access was fine except one little thing. The water hydrant was 6 feet from the access hole. A long reach even for a fireman.

Concrete Dust Everywhere – Camera Too

This photo was for another blog we publish, Laguna Beat. Liked it so much I posted it here. A fellow behind the one laying concrete blocks was cutting a block with a power saw. Result was crecrete dust. Wind was blowing dust at the worker and the photographer. I could of gotten out of the … [Read more…]

One to Ten Thousand

I have now taken over 10,000 digitals images with my Nikon D40X. For someone who has been taking pictures for 50+ years this is weird. In the 60’s a busy day for me might have been 4 or 5 rolls of 35mm-36exposure Tri-X film. The day wasn’t over by a long shot. Back to the … [Read more…]

The New Santa Ana

This is the corner of 4th and Main in Santa Ana. It’s a rather pedestrain photo (pun intended.) I took the photo to show the Main St street sign and the old clock tower in the background. But there is something else going on in this photo. It’s not obvious but it is unusual. No … [Read more…]