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by Richard Falconer, Doug Nye (Contributor)

Chaparral Can-An and Protype Race Cars

Chaparral Can-Am and Prototype Race Cars

by Dave Friedman


Chaparral Racing

the Car

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The Increbible Chaparral 2J

Chaparral Racing was founded by Jim Hall. He had built cars for many years prior to the beginnings of Can-Am in 1966. Jim Hall and Tracy Bird came up with the rules for Group 7 cars.

Jim Hall's car, the Chaparral, was an early winner in Can-am but never won the driver's championship. In 1970 after developing the most advanced racing car in motor sports, the Chaparral 2J, he quit racing. SCCA banned the car because of moveable panels on all four sides of the car. These LEXAN panels helped keep the air flowing under the car to be extracted via fans at the rear. This design caused a vacuum effect UNDER the car that geatly help in holding the car to the pavement. In effect sucking the car to the ground. Today all cars use this technique, known as Ground Effects.

One unintended consequence of having the secondary engine is that the time to replace the main engine was about 8 hours. This was because this secondary engine was on top of the big Chevy engine.

The racing history of the Chaparral 2J was 4 races in 1970. The results were:

Watkins Glen July 1970 DNF J. Stewart
Road Atlanta Sep. 1970 6 V. Elford
Laguna Seca Oct. 1970 DNS V. Elford
Riverside Nov. 1970 DNF V. Elford

It was also Jim Hall that developed the wing. Jim is considered by many in motor sports as one of it's greatest innovators.

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