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The Autocoast Titianum Ti22 driven by Jackie Oliver in 1970. Unloading on Friday. Jackie finished 2nd at Laguna Seca in 1970. The three mechanics are from left: Mike Lowman, Alex Groundsell, and Al Willard.

Received this note from Mr. Willard's son: I am Jim Willard or Alfred J Willard III. My Dad recalls everything he ever did with the Ti22 team with great passion, I loved growing up and listening to his stories and admiration he had for the sport. I am so happy that he still has a place in history when it comes to the Ti22. I wish he would have stayed in the sport longer.

Many of the engineers, crew, machanics, and drivers that worked on the UOP Shadow would come over from the Ti22 project. This is the Ti22 car from 1970. There was one other Ti22 car that this photographer saw in 1969. You can see the 1969 Ti22 on this page. This was the Ti22s first race since Jackie Oliver survived what has been called one spectacular wreck. From the 1970 Laguna Seca Race Program. "On the first lap at St. Jovite as Oliver creasted a rise on the back straight, air turbulence created by the swift passage of the two McLarens lifted the nose of the Autocoast. The front of the car kept rising and it flipped over on its back." Notice the duck tape applied to the door. Can-Am cars were required to have doors but because the races were non-stop the tape was to keep the door in place. Looks like the upper portion of the door was plastic and it probably wiped around in the wind. Up close and personal. It rained Friday night and with no indoor facilities it wasn't very pleasant Saturday. Not very good photo. Only here for historical purposes. Yea, right! I believe that both Ti22s were destoryed in later years. That means the only record of these cars is the photos taken. That is why the photographer has posted two photos that he would normally never show anyone. Even now he has reservations. Back to the UOP page.