One Camera, One Lens, One Year

John Krill: One

Note: Due to illness I was forced to cancel OCOLOY. The explanation is here. This means that the flickr album OCOLOY has been deleted.

This is a one year photography project that was created by Mike Johnston of The Online Photographer. The idea is to get photographers to start thinking about the subject of the photo and not constantly thinking about the gear.

For the complete instructions for this one year project go to The Digital Variant: One Camera, One Lens, One Year at The Online Photographer. He does a much better job of explaining the project and after all it is his idea.

I’m going to follow all the rules that Mike set for this project but I’m adding one additional step for myself. For every print I make I will upload that photograph to my flickr account into the One Camera, One Lens, One Year album.

All the photos in this album will have the tag: OCOLOY.

I will not post any of the photos here. You will have to go to the flickr album to see them.

Please leave constructive positive or negative comments.

One Camera: Fujifilm X-PRO1; One Lens: 27mm f2.8; One Year: 11 March 2015 – 10 March 2016.

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  1. Daniel Högberg

    I dont get why you had to cancel the project? I get the flu once or twice a year but I dont cancel a project because of it.. Especially when its a project like the “one camera, one lens, one year” thats not dependent on time, productivity or something like that. Sounds more like you just got tired of the project and found a lame excuse to stop using one lens for a year.

    • All I can say is good for you. But at my age when you lose 15 lbs during the flu I really knots you out.

      I’ve been doing this for 60 years and having to cancel this one project it not the end of life. I have several other projects I have been working on.

      The goal of the project wasn’t entirely just shooting everyday but to also learn the camera since it has some unique features that take getting used too.

      Also if you can’t be polite then you could just stay away.

      So you have a nice day now.

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