Is Film Dead?

Photoessayist: The Motion Picture FILM PhotographerMaybe not. Brian is a film student, from Chicago, who was in Laguna Beach for spring break with a couple of friends. One of his friends, not pictured, was using an instant camera. Fuji still makes the instant film. Brian wasn’t using any form of digital. His camera is a real live motion picture film camera. It uses Super 16 format film. Super 16 is 16mm film with the sprockets eliminated on one side enabling wide format versus 16mm’s square format.

Brian stated he was going up to LA on Sunday to have his film processed. The problem with film is not it’s availability but getting it processed. Still photographers have this problem. Sure you can go to some quickie processor but you DO get what you pay for.

I was spending $12 per 36 exposure roll of Fujichrome. I took the film into an Irvine, CA film processor, who is one of the best around, and could get a 2 hour turnaround if needed. I was dropping off and picking up film almost everyday. The drive was one hour total and gasoline was and still is expensive.

Scanning the film into digital formal was another time consuming chore. Yes it got to be a chore because I really wanted to be out doing photography.

I finally concluded that it was getting to expensive to stay with film and I went with digital. Never looked back.

The process of going to a digital camera was made easier because I had already been using everything else associated with digital photography.

When all is said and done I love the freedom that digital gives you. I can carry my photo-lab, my laptop computer, everywhere I go if need be. Take a time sensitive photo and 10 minutes later it’s on the web. That requirement hasn’t been needed often but I’m still prepared for emergencies.

There’s only one problem I do miss working in the darkroom and making black and white prints. It’s still magic for me to see the picture slowly show when the print is in the developer. Magic.

There is no magic to digital.

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You Stay, I’ll See You Back At The Hotel

Photoessayist: The Good CurseSome would call it a curse. I say it’s a good curse, a very good curse. Here’s what David Burnett had to say about the good curse. It’s soooo true.

In the digital photography age, we sometimes forget that great pictures are usually made by hard working, dedicated photographers who already see the world with a vision far apart from the rest of society. There is no question that few things are more tedious than for a non-photographer (you could insert “wife” or “daughter” here) to walk around any ole place with someone who can’t help looking at the scene around them as if it were a photo op arranged by God and to be discovered on that stroll. We stop, we squint as we try and compose, we halt for a second to see if the light is right, if the shadow falls in the grooviest place. It’s not exactly a simple meander, but one accented by all kinds of stops and starts, and often punctuated by “you can stay if you want, I’ll see you back at the hotel.”

David and his wife, Iris, have a blog called: We’re Just Sayin. No photos – yet – but we do enjoy the conversations. Check it out for yourself.

David’s quote is from this posting.

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An OOPS For Epson

Epson sent an e-mail about a clearence sale. Clicked on the link and got garbage.

So I tried going to and once I selected USA up popped this error message.

IM Communication Error
error code = 200

Go figure. Epson isn’t some small time outfit so what’s up? You think they would test this stuff unless the entire site has been hit.

Latest News: The Epson site is now undergoing maintenance. I wonder why?

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Where Is The Rest Of Her?

Photoessayist: Found ObjectsMore of that woman-made stuff that shows up on our beaches after a storm.

So where is the rest of the hot babe that was wearing these glasses?

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Is It Art Or Just A Tennis Ball On The Beach?

Photoessayist: Tennis ball on beach.I’ve either been a wanta’ be photographer, an amateur photographer, or a professional photographer all my life. From first breath. I mention this because I have also never considered photography an art. Some do and that’s fine. I don’t. That being said I have made some photographs that explain or show nothing of value and therefore I call it art.

So is the tennis ball on the beach nothing of value, therefore art, or is it part of a photoessay showing man-made objects where they don’t belong? You and I will have to wait to see what develops.

Now you have to ask yourself: “Was this post necessary?” Probably not.

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The Inn With A View

Photoessayist: Madonna Inn Ranch, San Louis Obispo, CaliforniaSince the movie ‘The Bucket List’ I’ve though about what I would put on my list. One would be a night at the Madonna Inn. Ever since I was at Cal Poly in the 60’s I’ve wanted to stay at least one night at this Inn.

As you can see from the photo above there were some great views at the Inn. I believe this ranch was part of the Madonna family properties.

Every room is different. My is called the The Traveler’s Yacht. It could be called the Red Door. This was one crazy room and it was a delight to stay two nights in it.

Why was the room so crazy? Take a look for yourselves.

Photoessayist: Madonna Inn Ranch, San Louis Obispo, California

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LIFE Goes To Google

Photoessayist: Life Goes To GoogleLIFE Photo Archive Available On Google Image Search. This should be big news. Is it? I think it is. See for yourself.

The link to the Google anouncement at their offical blog:

Or just go directly to the archive.

The link to the photos:

Here’s a tip from Google’s blog: Add “source:life” to any Google image search and search only the LIFE photo archive.

An example: wwii source:life

In the end this is all about money. You have the option of purchasing a digital print of the photo.