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The Dogs of War

On one of our travels around the Da Nang area seeking out stories and photos for release Steve decided it was time for another story about the scout dogs and their handlers.

We went over to the Alpha Company, 3rd MP Battalion to photograph one of the dogs with their Marine handler.

This first set just didn't show how dangerous and fearless these dogs were. This dog looked more loveable than dangerous.

Also it just didn't look real enough. The Marine is to neatly dressed. I think this shot was arranged by the battalion Information Officer. I don't remember why the flag was there.

Updated April 24, 2007: Fred Dorr, President Vietnam Dog Handler Assocation, has sent information about this photo. This photographer didn't know that this photo was made into a press release. He also didn't know the story behind the photo.

Release No. 13171
Photo No. 2-0959-69

EARLY WARNING SYSTEM=="REBEL" a Marine Sentry Dog, alerts on a North Vietnames flag captured when the dog warned members of the 1st Bn. 26th Marine Reg. of an enemy position in a treeline 350 yards away. Holding the dog at bay is his handler, Sgt. William J. Johnson (Highwind, IL) The dog has been saving marine lives by averting enemy ambushes in Vietnam since December 1965.

(Official USMC Photo by Cpl. John Krill)
(Courtesty of the Marine Corps University Archives, Quantio, VA)